Coping with The Loss of a Pet in Glen Mills, PA

If you’re trying to cope with the loss of a beloved pet, you are not alone and it is healthy to ask for help. At times, we all need help understanding our emotions and the resources that you see below might go a long way in validating your personal experience.

While we at Pinnacle Veterinary Specialists do our best to screen and offer counselors and resources of the highest quality and standards, we do not endorse or accept responsibility for the individuals or organizations listed here. The use of internet or telephone pet loss support resources are not intended to replace consults with local physicians, veterinarians, or qualified mental health professionals.

These resources are updated frequently. We check to be sure the numbers and links we provide you with are the most current we can. If you find that a link or a number does not work, please let us know so we can correct it!

Support Groups

Pet loss support groups can provide a safe and non-judgmental place for family members to go to be able to share their feelings and experiences. You can do this before or after the loss of your pet. Anticipatory grief is common among those caring for a terminally ill friend or family member and is a perfectly valid reason to seek help.

The following links have lists of numerous pet loss support groups by state, support webinars and much more. This is not a comprehensive list.

Pet Loss Counseling

Locally, Day by Day Pet Support offers group get togethers to support pet owners experiencing loss and grief.  Not all counseling needs to be away from your home. Long distance therapy is available and can be just as helpful.

A Different Kind of Healing with Jon Terrell, MA
Grief Healing with Martha Merritt Tousley, RN, MS, FT, BC-TMH
Pet Loss Counseling with Sandra Brackenridge, LCSW
Chance’s Spot Pet loss and grief support including support for children

Helpful Websites

After your pet’s procedure, we’ll talk to you about detailed at-home care instructions as well as follow-up care. We’ll be in touch with your primary vet for your pet’s ongoing treatment. Our goal is to ensure every pet has the best chance for a full recovery and a fulfilling and healthy life.

The Argus Institute – Includes information on helping children cope with pet illness and death
The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
The Pet Loss Support Page
Rainbow Bridge Grief Support Center


Cornell University Pet Loss Support Hotline: 607-253-3932
Tufts University Pet Loss Support Hotline: 508-839-7966