Portal for Referring Veterinarians

We use Instinct EMR Shareville for our referring veterinarian portal. This portal lets you receive updates and shared patient documents from our team. Here’s what to expect.

How to Access and Use the Portal

If one of your patients comes to our hospital for treatment, your practice information, including your email address, will be entered into Instinct EMR. Then, you will be automatically notified via email that one of your patients is Checked-In or Checked-Out of Instinct.

For security reasons, no patient documents will be directly sent to you via email. Instead, your check in and check out emails will contain a unique link that provides you with access to your patient’s Shareville portal.

If this is your hospital’s first time logging in to Shareville, you’ll be asked to create a new password. This password will be associated with both your hospital and your email address, and going forward, you’ll be able to use this password for any and all other patients that happen to visit our hospital. We highly recommend saving your password and sharing it with your team members.

As soon as you’re logged in to Shareville, you’ll be able to download individual documents, information about specific visits, or all visit information.