Veterinary Referrals Pinnacle Veterinary Specialists

Our animal hospital is dedicated to the care of dogs and cats in the Philadelphia region. Our team of specialists offers a high level of expertise in the fields of emergency and critical care, neurology, internal medicine, cardiology, surgery, and diagnostic imaging. If one of your current patients requires a complex medical procedure or a second opinion on their condition, please call us at (610) 477-8797 or email us at

Once we receive the information, your client can work with us to set up an appointment that fits their schedule. Before you send your client to us, we will need to set up a timeframe that works for both us and the client so that we can give their pet our full attention.

Exchanging Medical Records

Along with the referral form, please also send us your patient’s medical records, including any diagnostic tests and radiographs you’ve taken. After we consult with your client and patient, we’ll be in contact with you to share our findings, including any procedures we performed, medications we gave, or tests we did, so that you can continue to provide for their wellness care needs.

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Please feel free to call us at (610) 477-8797 and speak with our veterinarians about your patient and their needs.