Megan Zeigler VMD (Emergency / Critical Care)


Dr. Zeigler grew up in Pottsgrove, PA. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in 2004, from Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. Over the next four years, she trained at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. She graduated from there in 2008 and accepted a position in a private practice outside of Pottstown. She primarily focused on small companion animal medicine and surgery, but she also dabbled in caring for exotics and educating owners on proper husbandry of these animals. She remained at that hospital for ten and a half years.

After leaving this practice, Dr. Zeigler spent two and a half years doing relief work for Indevets. She provided help to multiple hospitals for shifts including medicine, surgery/dentistry, shelter medicine, and emergency medicine. In 2020, Dr. Zeigler was very honored to receive the Indevets Excellence Award, based on nominations from coworkers and partner hospitals.

Dr. Zeigler lives in Pottstown with her three rats, Maverick, Goose, and Petunia. She also can’t seem to drag herself away from old beagles with lots of health problems, though recently she has restricted herself to fostering. These ventures have reinforced her soft spot for geriatric and anxious pets. She finds it most rewarding when she can earn the trust of her patients and form a bond with them. She is now excited to join the Emergency and Critical Care team at Pinnacle, where she hopes to help her patients and their families feel more at ease.